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Skincare Specifically For Men

Men every where  have had to deal with the frustration of either facial or body acne at some point in their life.  First in your teens your had to endure the adolescent stage of acne that was brought on by hormones and increased oil production.  As an adult, you have to contend with rosacea acne, an adult form of acne which is just as embarrassing and tough to control.  But there are products that do help in the fight against acne.




GuideToClearSkin Rosacea Acne affects more men over the age of 50 than does prostate cancer!



Acne In Men

Most guys have experienced some form of adolescent acne and can remember the brutal breakouts of facial and body acne.  Those big zits were ugly and embarrassing but most of all hard to control and get rid of.


Now that you are older and your body has matured you are in the clear from any more acne episodes, right?  Not the case.  Most older men will experience another form of acne that comes with age.  Women also experience it but it tends to be a male dominated problem.


Rosacea Acne


Rosacea Acne causes a redness in the face, often with pus-filled pimples that is triggered by many variables.  The common factors include: the heat and sun, by facial flushing caused by alcohol, stress, and exertion like physical activity.


The biggest difference between the normal acne condition and the Rosacea Acne is that there are no blackheads present with the Rosacea condition.  If you are experiencing Rosacea Acne, then you'll want to look for a acne product that contains benzoyl peroxide to safely and effectively treat your skin.


Shaving is an integral part of any man's skin care routine.  But beware, if done incorrectly, the regime of shaving can cause your skin to breakout and encourage problematic skin.


When shaving, it is recommended that shave after a shower when your skin and hair follicles are their most softest.  Using a gel (preferred over a foam or a cream which can irritate and cause friction on the skin), you should shave first with the grain of the hair growth and then go against it, if you really want a close shave.  Rinse with cool water.


This should only be done with a sharp, clean razor, not a cheap disposable! 


Keeping the face and body exfoliated is important and isn't something that just women do.  For most men, shaving helps to keep the face nicely exfoliated but what about your body?


Exfoliating can help eliminate those nasty, painful ingrown hairs and will help to keep your skin clear of dead skin cells and cells that can become pre-cancerous.  Using an exfoliant cleanser, you should look for the active ingredients alpha-hydroxyl acid, and anti-oxidants like vitamin c which will help your skin to fight of pollutants absorbed into your skin.



Using a moisturizer helps to lock in moisture and keep a guys skin soft and smooth even after the toughest of days.  The best time to use a moisturizer is right after a shower when your skin needs it the most.  For an easy application look for the newest trend - a spray on moisturizer.


Sun Screen

Is extremely important and should not be overlooked.  For men in their fifties, there is a huge number of reported cases of skin cancer.  In fact the number of men who experience skin cancer is greater than those who suffer from prostate and lung cancer! 


If you are a young male then let this be your warning, if you work outside or find yourself in the sun's possession for a long period of time, then you should be applying a minimum SPF 15 sunscreen to those exposed parts of your body.




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